Dyna Med / Emergency Product News

Dyna Med / Emergency Product News

Dyna Med was one of the first "full service" ambulance equipment suppliers. Founded by Glen Hare, inventor of the Hare Traction Splint, the company expanded, publishing one of the first EMS directed magazines- Emergency Product News. This later was shortened to EMERGENCY, and published from the early 70's to the mid 90's.

Dyna Med further expanded its unique EMS manufacturing offerings with leather scissor/light holsters, jackets, hard case trauma kit, oral screw, Choke Saver, and finally expanding to compete with Fernos Washington with their own line of ambulance stretchers and stair chairs. The company eventually was purchased by Galls Police Equipment, which continues the Dyna Med line of EMS products.





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I worked in the pre press department at Dyna Graphics in 1985/86. I still have a couple of raw fishing magazines, Emergency & Police Product News magazines. I remember working a all nighter when the then California Angels were in the playoff game against Boston. If they had won that game, the team would have gone to the World Series and we had the bid for the program which I had to prep if they won. However, as luck would have it, they lost and I called it a night.

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