2001: EMS Operations at the World Trade Center Attack

2001: EMS Operations at the World Trade Center Attack

Cross Posted: Timeline; Places; Events; By Era; Disaster Management
Submitter/Author: Dr. Glenn Asaeda, FDNY EMS Division Medical Director
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Powerpoint presentation made at the Yale Disaster Medicine Conference in September 2005.

Introduction to the New York City EMS System, response to previous large scale incidents, September 11,2001 events timeline, response of EMS units from FDNY*EMS, participating 911 system voluntary hospital units, regional Volunteer Ambulance units, regional Commercial Ambulance companies, and mutual aid response from New Jersey.

Also reviews contribution of additional resources that supported the rescue and recovery efforts in the days that followed the attack- Federal DMAT, mutual aid from within New York State and the nation.

Keywords: 9/11, September 11, World Trade Center, FDNY

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