1970: Ambulance: Cadillac Deville Hi-Top

1970: Ambulance: Cadillac Deville Hi-Top

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Submitter/Author: Courtesy Dan Gilmore (OH), Jim McLachlan

This is a 1970 Cadillac 54 inch High-Top ambulance which was manufactured on a professional car chassis by the Superior Body Company of Lima, Ohio. This style was very popular throughtout the U.S.


*Note- original article corrected 2/14 with information provided by Jim McLachlan. Thanks Jim!

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Report AbusePosted by Medic59 on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 09:03 PM Pacific
A lovely photo, but I really think your facts are wrong. 1) This is a 1970 model Cadillac 2) It is a professional car chassis, not a Seville. This is the 54 inch version of the high top ambulance, the other produced being the 48 inch headroom. This looks very much like the vehicle I bought brand new in 1970. The only difference to mine is the Federal revolving beacon whereas mine had an Aurora Borealis by Mars Signal Light Company. Apart from that, the fender mounted 888 lights are very similar to my vehicle, the red headlights are the same, the rear view mirrors are the same, I could go on. I would love to make contact with the current owner if possible. Medic59

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