Berg Resuscitation Apparatus

Berg Resuscitation Apparatus

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Submitter/Author: Kent Berg

The Berg Resuscitation Apparatus was developed during the 80's by Kent Berg of Greenville County SC EMS. Faced with situations where only a 2 man team was available to run an arrest, the device allows one paramedic to perform CPR on an intubated patient without having to change positions.


The device accepts a demand valve into its body, and has a remote trigger in the hands of the medic doing chest compressions. Demand valves were considered the preferred means of ventilating patients during the 70's and 80's, allowing easy application of 100% oxygen. The later fell out of favor due to the greater oxygen use/shorter tank time than a BVM, as well as lack of feedback on lung compliance leading to a greater frequency of rescuer induced pneumothorax. Some demand valves were actually found to be prone to malfunction, delivering a much greater pressure than design specs.



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Report AbusePosted by alier on Tuesday, August 09, 2011 06:48 PM Pacific
I have fond memories of using the "BRA" on several cardiac arrests. It was a great multitasking tool. I will never forget the first time I asked a rookie partner during an arrest to go get me the "BRA." He thought I had lost my mind. :-)

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