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  Get Museum RSS Feed

What is an RSS feed?
If you hate missing out on the latest news from The EMS Museum, RSS feeds may be the answer.

Using very simple, easy-to-use, free or low-cost software called an RSS reader, you can have all the latest headlines on topics you choose delivered to your desktop for free. When your reader displays a headline of interest, click the headline and you'll be whisked to The EMS Museum for the full story. This way you can see all the recent updates and additions in a matter of seconds.

You can even choose to get "aggregrated" feeds on a particular topic, in which headlines are delivered to you from a variety of sources. RSS makes keeping up with the information that matters to you easy. When browsing The EMS Museum, look for the RSS icon. Click on the orange icon and you'll be taken to our RSS feeds.

How do I get an RSS Reader?
New RSS readers are being developed every day. Here are just a few:

Feed Reader
Google Reader

When you've found the reader you like and you want to add an RSS feed to it, here's the general procedure:
1. First, you need the URL of the EMS Museum RSS feed page.
2. Click on the icon of the RSS feed that interests you--for example, EMS1 News.
3. Copy the URL of the page that opens (for Museum News it's
4. Open up your newsreader software and paste that URL into the appropriate place.
5. The new feed will appear under "My Feeds" as "EMS Museum".
6. Click on any headline, and the story will appear in FeedReader's built-in browser in the lower right window of the application.