Vision and Mission

Why a National EMS Museum?

The history of EMS has been held in reverence by EMS pioneers, providers, and citizens of this nation from its beginning. There have been Herculean efforts by several groups over the past 30+ years to preserve and protect the artifacts, tools, documents and stories of the initial development and continued growth of EMS. It is time to unite these grassroots efforts and build a home where we can preserve the past, present and future history of this profession for all.



"To preserve the history of EMS in the belief that remembrance promotes understanding, respect, and enlightened progress."



The National EMS Museum is dedicated to memorializing and commemorating the history of EMS and the individuals and organizations that provide emergency care to the sick and injured.


Project History:

For years, we in EMS have discussed our proud history and the need for a way to preserve it. We dreamed of a cohesive way to share it with future generations of EMS providers, as well as the public we serve. We now have a chance to fulfill that dream and preserve the unique History of EMS, past, present and future.

EMS providers and friends of EMS from all over the country are joining effort at the grass roots level in an effort to bring together all of the necessary forces into one collaborative effort. Since an initial internet posting of "What if?" in late June of 2006, the momentum for this idea and vision has grown and developed at lightning speed.

We are pleased The National Association of EMT's has recognized this effort and provided start up funding in a show of support for this project. However, it was agreed that the Museum project should be a national collaborative effort and not linked to any one organization. Thus, we urge you and all EMS related groups and organizations to join in this effort and help make this happen!


Project Goals:

The National EMS Museum Foundation plans to move forward with this project in 3 phases:

Phase One:
A Virtual Museum where you can view items we hope to be in the repository museum, plus stories and pictures of the initial and current pioneers of EMS as they shared their thoughts and visions of the development of EMS.

Phase Two:
 Traveling presentations that showcase some of the items from the donations to the repository museum, as well as state and regional items, displayed at your regional or state conference.

Phase Three:
A Repository Building for permanent display and/or storage of the tools and vehicles specific to EMS, as well as interactive historical presentations and educational materials.